E-learning Platform

E-learning Platform a much-needed solution for 2020 and beyond,  this digital revolution has led to remarkable changes in how the content is accessed, consumed, discussed, and shared.

Technology has changed our life and daily routine. Today we are literally doing everything online and we have a fancy word for it “Social distancing”.
98% of the Swedish population use the internet and 82% have bought something online (Source: Eurostat 2019) 
Sweden is the 2nd after Finland doing online courses with 18% of people ages 16-74 (Source: Eurostat 2019) 
In todays situation you can deliver and teach any of your profession online using Learning management system (LMS). It doesn’t matter what you do, it can be: Cooking, Baking, Yoga, Decoration, Technology training, Dancing, delivering educational courses for kids and adult, delivering courses for other professional, Create Live seminar, Live events and the list go on and on. 
To create a beautiful online course platform you are going to need a handful of tools, like: Automated Marketing and sales tools, Full management control and easy to operate, online payment system, importantly you’ll need a powerful learning management system (LMS) to turn your website into a beautiful course website where you can sell your content, keep track of student progress, award certificates, and more. At Swekki Technology we will take care of all the technical details, you just focus on building your courses and generating revenue. 
If you are a professional and don’t have your business online, you have to think twice. Despite what your expertise is, a Trainer, a Teacher, a Chef, Yoga Instructor, professor, Marketing or sales training, your instruction can be offered online, we got you covered!
You can Start delivering beautiful learning experiences in no time. Have a Look at what this LMS can offer you. 

First of all this E-Learning platform  will be branded to you personally or your organisation, Your name, Your Brand and Your Application. 

The E-learning Platform top features: 
  1. Add unlimited courses (Deliver all your lessons and courses all at once, or choose to schedule them over a specified amount of time resulting in a guided learning experience.
  2. Unlimited users: user can register for free, pay a monthly, yearly, or per lesson fees. You have the full control regarding the registered and enrolled users. Award official certificates based on quiz performance, completing a course, or both!
  3. Multiple Instructors: Your instructors can create courses with unlimited lessons, topics, and quizzes. They can even administer their own certificates.
  • Course Creation Capability
  • Course Commissions
  • Assignment Management
  • Course Reports
  • Email Students
  1. Course content protection 
  2. Focus Mode 
  3. guided learning experience.) 
  4. Points based on completing lesson
  5. Advanced Quizzing & Surveys 
  6. Certificates & badges Award official certificates based on quiz performance, completing a course, or both!
  7. Course forum 
  8. Email Notifications 
  9. Online Payments 
  10. Membership option it can be, Free, One time Purchase or monthly subscription. for your users, (Create trial membership levels with various payment gateways, Offer a limited-time free trial to people to entice them to purchase full access to your courses.)
  11. live events or seminar: 
  • Perfect for anyone offering live training, seminars, or classrooms.
  • Zoom Meeting: Joining the conference via phone.
  • Ability to computer share audio and video.
  • Lock the meeting via the Zoom option and prevent other participants to join.
  • Manage participants: mute, remove, invite participants.
  • Live chat: private and group chat.
  • Allow screen share for only the host or all participants.
  • Full-screen distraction-free mode.
  • Request Remote Control.
  • Closed Captioning.
  • Webinar Q&A
  1. Notes: this function allows your learners to take notes as they go through your course. Notes are available for exporting and can be printed at any point in time.

To know more about the prices and book a free consultation please click here Swekki Technology E-learning platform package 

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