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The iHR Premium app is designed to connect remote work opportunities with individuals seeking nomad jobs. Clients can post job opportunities through the app, and talents can browse and apply for these jobs. To ensure quality and relevance of talent, the app requires potential candidates to take an online test to evaluate their suitability for the role. The app’s backend provides clients with an easy-to-use platform for posting job opportunities, viewing applicants’ test scores, and hiring suitable candidates.


iHR Premium is a startup company founded by a group of college friends with a passion for matching remote work opportunities with talented individuals. The company recognized the need for a mobile app that could facilitate a more streamlined process of finding and hiring remote workers. The iHR Premium app aims to revolutionize the way that companies source and hire talent while providing individuals with the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.


The scope of the project includes designing and developing a mobile app that facilitates the hiring of remote workers. The app must be user-friendly and easy to navigate, and it must provide a seamless user experience for both clients and talents. The app must also include features such as a built-in online test to evaluate candidate suitability, an easy-to-use backend for clients to post opportunities, and a candidate portal where talents can browse and apply for roles.

Project challenges

One of the biggest challenges of this project is to ensure that the app’s online test accurately evaluates a candidate’s suitability for a role. This requires extensive research and collaboration with hiring professionals to ensure that the app’s test questions are relevant and provide a comprehensive evaluation of candidates. Additionally, the app’s backend must be easy to use and manage for clients to post opportunities and for talents to apply for roles.

Technology Used

The iHR Premium app will be built using native iOS and Android development frameworks to ensure the app is optimized for each platform. The app will also use RESTful APIs to integrate with various third-party services, such as payment gateways, push notifications, and online testing platforms. The app will utilize geolocation technologies to provide a location-based job search feature for talents.


The iHR Premium app provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for companies to find and hire talented remote workers. The app’s built-in online test ensures that candidates are suitable for the role, and the backend provides an easy-to-use platform for companies to post opportunities and manage applications. The candidate portal allows talents to browse and apply for roles with ease, and the app’s geolocation feature enhances the user experience. The app has been well-received by clients and talents alike and has helped iHR Premium to increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

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